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He always gives you advice and tries to help you even if isn't in his area. His tools to teach English are really useful, technological and also has a great didactic. Suas ferramentas para ensinar inglês são realmente úteis, tecnológicas e também com uma ótima didática.
Felipe, Business Data Analyst, Brazil
Matthew is an excellent professional, very dedicated and responsible. Any project and partnership with Matthew will be a success, because he's a truly dedicated professional who sets out to achieve his and your goals. Qualquer projeto e parceria com o Matthew será um sucesso, pois ele realmente é um profissional dedicado que se propõe a atingir seus objetivos.
Leonildes, Relações Internacionais, Brazil
Recommend to anyone without fear or for professionals who are interested in improving their English in a short period of time. Matthew é um excelente profissional, com muito conhecimento e técnica. Ele é capaz de perceber a dificuldade do aluno, e assim trabalhar cada aluno comtratamento personalizado.
Joao, Project Manager, Brazil
Matthew is my teacher when I was studying English in SF and at Eclasstic. He is a creative, artist and active teacher. His class is always a top choice in the school. He can use his interesting way to teach you. And not only in the class, he also is a life teacher out of class. He helps me to create the letter about my work email. Matthew 老師是我在舊金山學習英文時認識的, 他上課風趣幽默,而且還是一個音樂人,不僅僅是位老師而已, 他的課程在那個學校也是搶手課程,人帥又有趣。 當然是堂堂爆滿,甚至是較多人沒興趣的課程, 他也可以在無聊的課程中找到如何讓學生感到有趣的方法, 他對教學非常有熱誠, 他也幫助我寫了一封英文的公司介紹信, 讓我能夠把公司推銷到國際。
Golden, Taiwan
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